Construction Materials

Construction Materials

Construction Materials

Materials used to form the structural parts of the building, such as the roof, walls and floor, include steel, wood, reinforced concrete, steel frames, bricks, blocks, tiles and cement slabs. The use of these materials is important for the durability, strength and aesthetics of the structural parts.

Steel is a structural material widely used in roofs, columns and beams of structures due to its durability and strength. Steel frames, often welded together, are used in the construction of larger structures.

Wood is a natural structural material used in walls, roofs and floors of buildings. Wood is frequently preferred in the construction of structures due to its high strength and durability. In addition, wood materials are easier to process and shape.

Reinforced concrete is another structural material used in walls, columns and beams of buildings. Reinforced concrete is used together with the steel reinforcement placed in the concrete, thus increasing the strength of the concrete and increasing the resistance of the structure to earthquakes and other natural disasters thanks to the steel reinforcement.

Bricks and blocks are structural materials used in the construction of the walls of structures. Bricks are usually made by firing materials such as adobe, cement and sand, while blocks are usually made by compacting concrete in molds. Both materials are important for the durability of structures.

Tile is a structural material used in roofing of buildings. Tiles are obtained by firing materials such as clay, concrete or ceramics. Tiles play an important role in the waterproofing of roofs.

Cement boards are another structural material used on the exterior of buildings and roof coverings. Cement boards are obtained from a mixture of cement, sand and fibrous materials and are important for their durability and fire resistance.