Safes used in electrical installations are boxes used to protect and organize electrical equipment. Cases are used where many different elements such as cables, switches, sockets, fuses are connected. These safes are used for purposes such as reducing fire risks, ensuring a healthy flow of electric current, and providing protection against mechanical damage and external influences.

Types of safes used in electrical installations are:

1. PVC safe: They are safes made of PVC material, light and inexpensive. They are waterproof and not affected by moisture. They are generally used indoors.

2. ABS case: The cases are made of ABS material, durable and scratch resistant. Thanks to their waterproof properties, they are used both indoors and outdoors.

3. Metal case: They are cases made of metal material, sturdy and durable. They are also fire resistant. For this reason, they are used in industrial facilities and high-risk areas.

4. Polyester case: These are the cases made of polyester material, rustproof and scratch resistant. Thanks to their waterproof properties, they can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are also resistant to chemicals.

The dimensions of the safes may vary according to their usage areas. Small cases are used where switches and sockets are connected, while large cases are used to organize cable lines.